Mike Pendel

Campaigning to Represent the 45th Legislative District of Pennsylvania as State Representative.

Meet Mike

Mike grew up in Robinson Township in Allegheny County and attended Montour School District from kindergarten through eighth grade. He then was blessed with the privilege to attend and graduate from Pittsburgh Central Catholic in 2011. At Central, he participated in baseball, wrestling, and the debate team. Mike then continued his education at Duquesne University double-majoring in Political Science and History. After college, he returned to the 45th Legislative District.

After graduating from Duquesne, Mike had the chance to work alongside his father in their small family-owned construction business. Mike was later offered an International Sales Director position at a nutraceutical corporation, which brought about the opportunity for him to travel the world and gain a sound understanding of business. Currently, and over the course of the last several years, he has specialized in selling medical devices while gaining knowledge about the medical field and our healthcare system.

Why Mike’s Running

Accountability and character are lacking in both our federal and state governments. The American Principle of Servant-Leadership seems to be a bygone idea, and Mike wants to bring that back. Mike believes this community deserves better, stating, “We need sound, rational, business-like leadership. I strive to be a loyal and trusted voice for the people, to advocate for the needs of our people, and to be a representative for all the hard-working individuals, families, and small businesses of the 45th District.”

Mike strongly believes the 45th District deserves to not only be better represented but rewarded. Residences, families, and small businesses deserve a leader that will work tirelessly to bring prosperity back to the 45th District.

For far too long the 45th District has paid its dues but has received no rewards. It is time to present a voice for our people and to create a district in which its people know their Representative will stand up for their needs, especially in times of crisis and hardship

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